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📸Lights, Camera, Action!📸

Are you looking to grow your business with Instagram? If the answer is yes, then creating high quality, engaging content is more important than ever‼️

If we think back to the early years of Instagram, it was a lot easier to grow a following with low-quality and sporadic posting, but now consistency is key! You need to be able to regularly produce and post content that your audience is going to like and want to engage with. 🔑

Now it's important to note that creating great content doesn't just happen overnight. You need an action plan and strategy in place for planning, shooting, editing and posting your content. 🤳🏻

Ready to take your content to the next level? Check out our keys to success for photoshoots! 👇🏻

🎞 Photoshoot Musts 🎞

  • Prepare a Budget: 💰 When preparing for a shoot, it’s important to establish a budget which is realistic of the time and skill needed to make the shoot work. Things to take into consideration: cost of the photographer, model, materials for the shoot/props and renting a location. 
  • Hire the Right Photographer: 📸 Before hiring a photographer, look closely at their portfolio. Their work should be representative of the kind of photos you need taken. Think about studio vs. location or posed vs. editorial and then make your selection.  
  • Create a Timeline: 📋 A smooth shoot requires preparation. Start by creating a timeline. Keep in mind allocating ample time for unloading equipment, set-up, test shots, breaks and clean up. This also includes post-production work such as editing deadlines.  
  • Create a Shot List: 🖼  We cannot stress this one enough! Always provide your photographer with a list of shots you need for your project. You can do so by creating a mood board to inspire and guide your photographer. This will guarantee that at the end of your shoot you have all the shots you need and want. 
  • Keep Lighting in Mind: 💡 More than anything, lighting can make or break a photo. Think about the time of day you want to shoot, as sun position is crucial. If you aren’t sure about using natural light, then ensure you have the right equipment to solve for bad lighting.
Remember, showcasing your best work on your feed can create an awesome portfolio for your business and create opportunities to collaborate with other amazing brands! 📷
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